Secret low-cost Verizon cell phone plans

When I switched from a pay-as-you-go phone to a contract deal from Verizon a couple years ago, I opted for the cheapest plan the Best Buy employee would offer me: 450 minutes of anytime calls for $45, plus $5 for 250 text messages. This seemed fine at the time, but if I’d known that there were even cheaper plans available through Verizon’s customer service, I could have saved myself a lot of money over the past couple years.

Last week, I called Verizon and threatened to switch carriers because I didn’t feel I was getting a good deal. The rep looked at my usage and offered me this plan:

$29.99 / Month
200 Anytime minutes
500 Night/weekend minutes
Unlimited mobile to mobile calling

I then asked the rep if there were any even cheaper options, and she told me of these plans:

$24.99 / Month
100 Anytime minutes
500 Night/weekend minutes
No free mobile to mobile calling

$19.99 / Month
50 Anytime minutes
250 Night/Weekend minutes
No free mobile to mobile calling

Under each plan, overages are 45¢ per minute and text messages are 20¢ each. I went with the $29.99 plan and added 250 texts for $5, because the majority of my calls are mobile to mobile, and I text enough that I’d spend more than $5 on texts anyway. I’ve been pleased with Verizon’s customer service for the past eight years I’ve been with them, and I’m glad they could accommodate me this time, but I think if they would offer these cheaper plans from the beginning, they would have many more happy customers.

  • Michael Thaler

    Ergh, those lower minute options weren’t offered to me when I got my Verizon plan. As soon as I can switch my plan without being hit with a fee, I should call them and try the same. Thanks for the tip!

  • anon

    They can’t offer these cheaper plans to people up front. The reason these plans exist is that it is better for them to “offer” up a cheaper alternative, and still make some profit, when a customer calls in and is upset at their standard plan. I.e., the true costs of providing cell service means that they still rake in huge margins even on the 19.99 plan, just smaller margins than on the $50+ plans. But if they can keep gullible people on the $50+ plans, why not, that is even more profit for them.

    But loosing someone to a competitor. Well, there your margins don’t just go down, they go to zero. And a zero margin is no good at all. So they have “secret” low cost plans “in reserve” to use to soothe over those who are thinking of switching, and keep them in the fold.

    And look, the physological ploy worked again…..

  • Sonia

    While I agree with you, Anon, that it’s possibly an evil capitalist scheme, as far as evil capitalist schemes go it’s pretty good. It rewards customers for loyalty to the company by offering better plans as time goes on, and the longer you stick with the company, the more free shit you get. I got my cell phone for free because my mom stuck with Verizon long enough. We have a single plan shared between two phones.

  • Tim

    It was because of Verizons untrustworthy deals and forced two year contracts that I switched to Diverse Mobility. They only charge $39.99 a month for unlimited voice and text. The website is

  • Elidia Weng

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  • Norm

    This is what I’m looking for. I’ve been spending $170 for DirecTV, telephone, and internet and another $70 a cell phone – all with Verizon. That’s too damn much. I’ve just gotten rid of DirecTV and replace with Netflix and am about to scrap home phone and greatly reduce cell phone minutes! Thanks for the help.

  • Hope

    I’m on a plan with V that charges me $100 per year period for unlimited phone calls during that time. It works out to $8 monthly.

  • HarryJohnsonthe3rd

    Why is crap like this taking up internet space? Get rid of stuff like this that is obsolete!!!