My roommate is a bit puzzled

When my roommate brought back about 15 puzzles after Christmas, I knew she was serious about completing them. I didn’t realize just how serious she was until I came across her method of sorting the pieces.

Ack! They're in grids!

Apparently once she had gotten to the point at which all the remaining pieces were the same color, some more organization was required to complete the puzzle. Still, that’s dedication, right there!

  • RMBell

    Inies and outies
    I had a friend that used to do this puzzle strategy.
    Serious organizer. Ended up making his fortune organizing botox clinics.

  • tiny_little_dot

    I do this. I’m working on a black and white photomosaic of marilyn monroe so even though the puzzle is <50% done, I'm already using this strategy. It's… insane.

    Also, I have a puzzle of a painting by the same artist as the one above! It was pretty challenging. And so shiny.