Snow Leopard revisited

mac-pcAccording to the headlines, Snow Leopard is in trouble.

Mac: Hi, I’m a Mac
And I’m a PC
Hi, I’m a Mac
Are you OK?
Where am I? Who are you?

Such was‘s top-rated comment yesterday when word of a major bug in Snow Leopard got out. Apparently the operating system has a bug that can delete all user data if someone logs into a guest account, then back into their regular account. The BBC and several other sites today reported that Apple has acknowledged the bug and is working on a solution. They advise in the meantime to delete any old guest accounts and only use native Snow Leopard guest accounts if necessary, which suggests that the bug comes from a problem in the upgrade process for guest accounts native to Leopard (or possibly even earlier).

I suppose I could count this as another reason not to upgrade to Snow Leopard, but it doesn’t seem to be as big of a problem as the media would have us believe. This problem obviously doesn’t happen every time someone uses a guest account in Snow Leopard, or it would have been reported much earlier, considering the operating system was released in August. Another good reason to upgrade is that my assumption about pricing turned out to be incorrect. While Apple’s official story is that to upgrade from Tiger you have to buy the $169 box set, quite a few sources have reported that upgrading using the $29 package directly from Tiger works just fine. I even have a couple friends who have done it with no problems. As for me, I’m still holding back because I’m running a few legacy programs that I need for classes that I couldn’t get by without. But when I do upgrade, I will make damn sure to delete any upgraded guest accounts!

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