As an org president, I’ve got to delegate more

I have a problem with delegation. When I’m the leader of a group, I┬átend to think that getting something done myself is a lot easier than taking the time to hand it off to someone else and explain how to do it. Not only do I save time in explaining the task, but I also don’t have to follow up to make sure the job was done right.

This is wrong.

Last month my college’s nerd club (of which I am the president) put on an anime/gaming/comics/videogame/scifi convention called NonCon for fellow local nerds. While the convention went very well and attendance numbers were comparable to last year’s, I was a wreck during most of the planning. My to-do lists were too long to finish in addition to my normal homework, my blog and my senior research project fell behind, and I had a lot of anxiety about getting everything done it time. While it’s a huge relief that the convention is over, I’m still an org president and I still need a lot of improvement when it comes to delegation. Continue reading